How would you want your child to have better concentration and an increased confidence in dealing with new situations?
Would you like your child to be able to solve problems independently?

Parents today are focused on teaching their child the importance of reading and writing. But equally important is teaching the child to think. We believe that inculcating a strong base in logical thinking at an early stage helps the child to think independently, improves concentration and increases the confidence of the child in dealing with new problems.

The Logical Thinking Courses by Fun Buzz is designed to do just this, and more. It covers a completely new area of brain development for children. The courses in this series focus on building problem solving and logical thinking skills in children. We aim to build the following skills in children by using puzzles, games and award winning tools:
•  Improved concentration
•  Patience & Persistence
•  Logical Thinking & Critical Reasoning
•  Developing independence and self-checking

Following are some of the activities which children will learn as part of the Logical Thinking Courses:-
1.  Counting
2.  Shape recognition
3.  Path following and tracing
4.  Pattern completion
5.   Coloring and much more

The entire series consists of three courses based on the age and skill level of the child. Each course builds on the difficulty level of the previous courses and is aimed to kick-start the tiny gears in the child’s mind.

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